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Grapevine, Tx

Erik built and installed for me the most dazzling Ballroom lighting treatment I have ever designed. With over 1 million strands of crystal and hundreds of feet of fiber optic cable, Erik applied his knowledge and skill to create exactly what I had imagined. Not only do I look forward to working with him on my next hotel project, but I would highly recommend Erik to anyone who needs this very talented lighting designer!

“I just wanted to say that Rudy, Jason and John did a great job on the installation of our three chandeliers. They arrived on time, and they were fast and efficient. They were very polite and courteous, and they even cleaned the lights, swept the floor, and put the trash from the packaging outside. I appreciate the service and would definitely use it again when we purchase our ceiling fans and lights for the rest of the house.” 

D. Goldberg

“I am extremely pleased with the installation and the service we received. The installer was very professional and very skilled at what he did. I was completely amazed how they were able to install our entry way fixture on our 18 foot ceiling. They did a fantastic job with all 4 fixtures that we needed hung. On a couple of them, after he hung them the first time, I thought they were too low, so he willingly, no questions asked, made the necessary adjustments to my COMPLETE satisfaction. They are greatly skilled for doing this type of work and it is so evident that they enjoy doing it. They are also very personable and I enjoyed chatting with them while they were here. Additionally, all the while they were here, when I asked questions pertaining to lighting and electrical work in general, they so kindly answered my questions. They know their stuff!! After the 4 fixtures were hung, we asked them to install 15 switches. I am completely satisfied with the outcome of our installation experience.” 

M. Harmon

“Today the technicians came out to install a light fixture in my entry way. The ceiling height was 30 feet and they did a fabulous job! They were very nice and polite and got the job done correctly. They made sure I was happy with the height of the fixture. I would use this service again.” 

B. McCluskey

“What a great pair of guys, they were exceptional in their work. I loved how they answered all of my questions and were so professional and knowledgeable. Kudos!”

B. Croff 
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