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Welcome to Quatro Home Services (QHS)


Quatro has been a trusted name in the electrical service industry for over two decades. We understand that our clients have basic home services that need to be performed more frequently. That's why we have expanded our exceptional customer service to a more reasonable bracket called QHS, which is a ( MEMBERS ONLY)  Service, with a low hourly rate of $79.99 per hour and a trip charge fee of $25 for working height of up to 8 feet with our beginner membership . For anything over 15 feet, an equipment rental fee may be required, unless you are a Vip Member, in which case all fees are waived. 

What this means for you:

  1. Same exceptional customer service from the company you trust. You have experienced our prompt attention to clients, friendly technicians, transparent pricing, and excellent communication.

  2. We understand that many clients need day-to-day assistance but may not know who to turn to.

With our expanding list of QHS services, you can check our website for the services we offer. If your service is not listed, feel free to let us know and our team will do their best to accommodate your needs.


  3. We offer 3 levels of service BEGINNER, PRO, VIP each level will offer different service options listed          below. with each level adding more services and discounts, make sure to read them all so you choose 

     the membership that applies best to your needs. 

     Light fixture and Ceiling Fan Installation these are noted as "BASIC"  

    ex#1. If you purchase a fixture that has more than 25 parts that need to be assembled. This is                considered a project and will be billed as so, with your level membership discount added to invoice.  

    ex#2 . If your fan is over 60" and needs to be installed on a 17' ceiling or higher this is not basic.   

List of All QHS Services:

  • Switch replacement

  • Light bulb replacement 

  • Smoke detector/battery replacement

  • Plug replacement

  • GFCI replacement

  • TV wall mount installation (60"TV max)

  • Hide wires inwall for TV mount Installation 

  • Basic ceiling fan installation (max height 16')

  • Basic chandelier installation (max height 16')

  • Basic pendant installation (max height 16')

  • Basic security lighting installation (max height 16')

  • Basic wall mount Installation (max height 16')

  • Basic vanity light fixture Installation (max height 16')

  • Smart doorbell installation (remove & replace)

  • LED retrofit for existing lights (max height 16')

  • Holiday lighting (12' and under working height)

  • Wireless security camera installation (max height 16')

  • Thermal camera inspection

  • Smart door lock installation

  • Loose plug replacement

  • USB plug installation

  • Photo cell replacement

  • Chandelier cleaning (max height 16')

  • Ceiling fan tightening/balancing/cleaning (max height 16')

  • Art installation

  • Picture hanging

  • WYZE installation

  • RING installation

  • Bath/laundry exhaust fan clean and rebuild

  • Plug-in festoon light installation

  • Plug-in string light installation

  • Star Link internet installation

  • Smart garage door opener installation


Trust Quatro Home Services for reliable and affordable home service solutions. Contact us today to schedule your QHS service!

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